About us

Shava Gold is a professional manufacturer of Digital Electronic products. We are an enterprise that integrates CRM & research, technological development, products management and high qualified sales for overseas standards.

Our products are mainly sold in domestic market as well as are to many other countries overseas. Within project managements, we provide a quite conscise and specialized service tailored for any kind of projects of any sorts of customer, being them all either fast or of excellent results.

We want to enphisizes that ALL Shava Gold PRODUCTS ARE DESIGNED AND ASSEMBLED from our own DESIGN HOUSE to your door. Hence, we do not choose to go through any third-party motherboard designers. We implement any area, from hardware to its software complementation.
Shava Gold products and services

Our main product is TV Box, as well as IPTV, OTT+DVB-S2, OTT+DVB-T2 and so on. Our sales team has been devoted fully to electronic products for more than 10 years, also to sales experience of Android OS products for more than 4 years.

Although our company is established in 2017, we already had sold more than 100 thousand PCs devices. The products are sold in China as well as to many other countries and states all over the world. Most of the orders are drive-down production cost (ODM & OEM), as well as the PCBA projects.